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With over 100 years of combined brazing and alloy development, we are the experienced source for highly differentiated engineered solutions to meet your brazed assembly needs.

Decades of experience in active brazing has made us the undisputed leader in joining virtually all types of ceramics to metals. As a vertically integrated manufacturer of braze alloy, ceramics and machined components, we provide world class turnkey solutions to satisfy your most stringent requirements in metal and ceramic brazing. One of the ways we do this is through using the Ultinex® active brazing process.

What is Ultinex® Active Brazing?

Ultinex® active brazing is the next generation of active brazing from the people who pioneered its commercialisation. Our vertical integration from alloy formulations to finished forms results in complete versatility in joint fit up challenges. Through a series of DOE’s we have developed a proprietary process which contributes directly to improving product performance and opens up design possibilities due to a near infinite number of material combinations.

  • Active Brazing Technology – From the earliest commercial development, to a steady stream of new active alloys developed to address our customers challenging applications.
  • Wesgo® high purity alloys – Complete control from the original melt to final form, a brand without an equal in high purity, low vapour pressure alloy manufacturing.
  • Proprietary Ultinex® process – Developed from a methodical approach giving attention to the details that count.
  • Concept to commercialisation – Vigilance in early stage product design can ensure high reliability and superior mission performance for the end product

Traditional Brazing Compared to Ultinex® Active Brazing

Ultinex® brazing frees up processing time which can translate into shorter lead-times, lower WIP, and less fall out. Beyond that, material selection is opened up and can lead to higher performing designs and ultimately, better solutions.

Ultinex® active brazing can join metals (titanium, SST, molybdenum, Kovar, OHFC copper, etc.), ceramics (zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide, RBSN, aluminium nitride, MACOR®, etc.), and non-metals (graphite, carbon fibre, etc.) with a strong, chemical bond which results in the joint being as strong as the substrates.

Applications in Which Ultinex® is Used

  • Implantable packages
  • Heaters
  • Electrosurgical tools
  • X-ray tubes
  • High temp feedthroughs
  • Life science instrumentation

From early concept to high volume production, MTC Wesgo® metals engineers will partner with customers at the design stage to drive innovations in product performance and reliability. We can assist in all areas of design through to manufacture, improving functionality and delivering robust, next generation solutions.

Large and small assemblies can be processed quickly in our vacuum furnaces.