Braze Alloys



In a range of energy market applications, our products and assemblies deliver significant advantages in the operation and repair of equipment.

For the energy market, we are able to produce a range of products that help to extend the service life of equipment. These products include Pre-Sintered Preforms (PSP™) for industrial gas turbine applications, high temperature alloys for fuel cell applications and brazing services for turnkey brazed heat exchangers and sub-assemblies.

Typical Brazed Energy Market Products

  • Pre-Sintered Preforms
  • High temperature alloys
  • Brazed heat exchangers

PSP™ are particularly useful in ensuring the accurate repair of gas turbine components, allowing them to enhance their service life by tens of thousands of hours, while our high temperature alloys are capable of withstanding the corrosive environments and elevated temperatures of fuel cells.

Ultinex® Brazing Solutions for the Energy Market

By reducing 5 steps into 1, Ultinex® brazing can be used for early commercial development right up to high volume production of components specifically for energy applications. Ultinex® is a result of decades of experience joining metal to ceramic materials and utilises our proprietary process as well as our vertical integration as a manufacturer of advanced braze alloys and machined components.

We are continually developing braze alloys and brazing processes to meet the ever changing demands of the energy market.