Braze Alloys



From the inception of X-ray tubes to the manufacture of modern electrosurgical instruments, our brazing services deliver advanced solutions in medical applications.

We are able to offer unique brazing and active-brazing capabilities for the production of medical assemblies. It is through continuous development of brazing technologies that we are able to guide customer alloy choices and achieve medical assemblies and products such as:

Typical Brazed Medical Products

  • Electrosurgical instruments
  • X-ray assemblies
  • Implantable assemblies
  • Life science components

These products can be manufactured using the Ultinex® brazing process, which delivers real world benefits such as better thermal transport within surgical tools, allowing surgeons to work longer and faster. Similarly, Ultinex®, when used within the production of implantable devices only requires one thermal cycle to achieve a hermetic seal, reducing the distortion of joining surfaces.

As the company that first commercialised active brazing and with 30 years of continuing research into alloy research, we can help you develop assemblies that meet your objectives. This experience is combined with extensive in-house metallurgy capabilities; complete control from pour to form on alloys and an unrivaled understanding of ceramic to metal brazing, making us the ideal provider of assemblies for medical applications.

Ultinex® Brazing Solutions for the Medical Market

Using the proprietary Ultinex® brazing process we have helped clients within the Medical Market to develop and produce a wide range of ceramic-to-metal components for use in applications such as electrosurgical tools, life science instrumentation and x-ray equipment. The Ultinex® process allows us to offer a full suite of services, from concepts through to high volume production.