Brazing Alloys

We offer a wide range of precious and non-precious brazing filler metals to suit a wide variety of applications in many different markets.

Braze alloy foil and rings

We manufacture and supply a wide range of precious and non-precious high-purity, low vapor pressure brazing alloys in various forms. Many readily available items are offered.

Simply provide the alloy/material type and dimensions as listed below and we will provide you with the best materials available.

Configuration Required dimensions* Unit of measure
Disc OD, thickness Each
Wire segments Length, diameter Each
Sheet Width, thickness Length or weight
Shims Length, width, thickness Each
Ring OD, wire diameter gap Each
Washers OD, ID, thickness Each
Wire Diameter Length or weight
Powder Mesh size Weight
Paste Mesh size, binder type Weight

 *Standard tolerances apply for individual dimensions.

For specially designed preforms and complex configurations we can work with your drawings to meet your specific needs.

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