Braze Alloys

Braze Inhibitor

Wesgo® Stopyt® is a braze inhibitor suspended in an organic liquid, and when applied to a metal surface prevents the unwanted flow of molten brazing alloys.

We offer two Stopyt® products, which are available as a suspension that can be applied by brushing, spraying or dipping. Both products are completely inert and will not decompose over time.

Stopyt® contains Alumina, which will not react with most pure metals or alloys during the brazing cycle and will not affect the furnace atmospheres. Stopyt®-R is white in color.

Stopyt® 62A contains Yittria and is the least reactive. It can be used for applications involving gamma-prime containing materials and is also suitable for use with titanium and titanium containing compositions. Stopyt® 62A™ is pink in colour.