Braze Alloys



Within key engine applications, the Pre-Sintered Preforms (PSP™) and ceramic to metal assemblies manufactured by us consistently exceed customer requirements.

Specifically for the aerospace market we can produce a range of alloys for engines including PSP™ for blades and vanes and also brazed assemblies for sensor and microelectronic applications.

Typical Brazed Aerospace Products

  • Alloys for engines
  • Pre-Sintered Preforms
  • High temperature brazed assemblies for sensors and electronics

One of the reasons we are a preferred supplier for aerospace customers is due to our stringent quality controls that ensure performances is as expected. The alloys we utilise join components exceptionally well, delivering a strong bond over time in the extreme temperatures present within jet engines.

Our PSP™ are predominantly used when building up worn areas of jet engines. In this application they help to reduce the time needed for repairs, subsequently reducing labour costs. In sensor applications the careful way alloys are selected in response to customer needs ensures a final product that can withstand high temperatures and achieve long service life.

With a long history working in the aerospace market, the reputation and quality of service offered by us is well known. It is however our commitment to finding the most appropriate solutions by working closely with customers that ensures we can continue to serve the needs of aerospace customers now and in the future.

Ultinex® Brazing Solutions for the Aerospace Market

Ultinex® is the next generation of brazing technology, using a proprietary process to join ceramic to metal. This process reduces the brazing steps from 5 stages to 1, improving efficiency and enabling us to produce components in high volumes. Within aerospace applications we have helped clients to develop and produce ceramic-to-metal components such as high temperature feedthroughs, capable withstanding extreme aerospace environments.